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Sound & Corporate

The louder something is,  it doesn't necessarily mean it will sound better. Conversely, if your guests aren't able hear those special moments, the toast from the best man, the father of the bride sharing that warm story of his daughter; how memorable is that day?


Clarity is important.

Sound is important.  


Our professional sound techs make sure that your special event contains the clarity and volume that it demands by firstly providing you with professional commercial quality sound systems with constant monitoring throughout the duration of all your events.


We provide the following Sound Setups/Services

  • Extravagant Weddings

  • Mobile Barat Van /Groom Procession

  • Reception

  • Garba/Mehndi/Sangeet

  • Engagement

  • Sweet Sixteen

  • Graduation

  • And Much More

Custom Monogram

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