Is a Destination Wedding Right for You?

For the past few years destination weddings have been trending. The idea of tying the knot on a breezy beach at sunset with your closest family and friends sounds amazing…in theory, but how much does it cost?

Actually, destination weddings are CHEAPER than traditional

ones! The average cost for a destination wedding is $20,000…but how?

Many companies focus exclusively on destination weddings. The more popular locations include the Caribbean and Mexico, and most resorts offer group pricing and honeymoon discounts. Depending on your chosen location, the cost of living and exchange rates can make your wedding weekend a lot cheaper.

Another great pro of destination weddings is that the location IS the decoration. You can save tons of money on décor, because your venue doesn’t require much work, it is beautiful as is. This shaves thousands off of your wedding budget.

The next plus point is, only your close friends and family attend and are willing to make the journey. This creates a more intimate feel, and is one of the biggest money savers in terms of accommodations, food, etc. On your special day, you can spend more quality with the people who matter.

If you still have doubts, the final pro of having a destination wedding is that many times, it is STRESS-FREE. Yup, you read that right. Many resorts have full time wedding coordinators, so the hard work is done for you! What else could you ask for?


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