D&S Event Solutions began when talent and creative vision united. We are a company dedicated to making memories that last a lifetime. We don’t just provide services, we provide an experience. With top quality music and innovative lighting services, we will surely bring excitement and originality to your event. Every event is taken with the same motivation and seriousness as if it were our own. With over 30 years of service together, our imaginative and motivated team members come together to make your vision a reality.






Tejesh & Sheetal

Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life.  Its important to have someone on your side that will carefully match your vision, creativity and make an unforgettable experience.  D&S Events Solutions has been there for us from the beginning, from our engagement party to the wedding festivities.  When it came down to the details for our wedding and reception, my husband and I were looking for something different.  We had been to plenty of weddings with the same themes and look.  We wanted to be different.  We had a very particular vision and D&S event created it.  They researched, showed us examples of our vision and provided us with ways to make it happen.  We were happy that we didn't get a ""package"; from a list of typicals.  D&S took the time to get it right and that's because these are regular smart creative guys with none of that used car salesman feel that you get from other entertainment vendors.  We together chose what would work for us.  In the end every meeting, emails, text messages, WhatsApp messages paid off.  D&S in our opinion stands for Dedication and Superior work.  A team that will not sleep until the work is done.  We know this because at 3am in the morning, this team was still working in our wedding hall.  We knew we didn't need to worry because as much as we wanted perfection for our big day, they were working hard to create that same perfection as well.  The dance floor at the reception was alive and vibrant.  Only disappointing part of it all, was when the night had to end, we all could've danced for hours!

Jigar & Amisha Patel

Absolute Phenomenal Service!  It is the ONLY way to describe the dedication, creativity, and support D&S Event Solutions provided us to make the most important yet stressful week of our lives smooth and effortless as possible.  We were truly blessed to have worked with them to make our garba, wedding day and reception so memorable and thoroughly entertaining for all our guests.  I had minimal idea as to what was involved musically, however knew that I preferred a specific decade of music.  With such little input, they brilliantly delivered unique ideas to give me exactly what I wanted.  Their passion, enthusiasm, and love for what they do, truly surpasses ones expectations.   I look forward to working with them for all our future events.  Thank you guys so much!

Kunal & Roshni Kadakia

Thank you for an amazing wedding weekend! Your team provided excellent service and it was a pleasure working with you guys. We are glad we chose you from the very beginning for our engagement celebration. Even our guests were delighted to find out that you all were back for the wedding as well! You guys rocked the dance floor as usual and kept everyone dancing all night long. We will definitely recommend your team to others! Thanks for being part of our special weekend!  


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