Your entertainers are at the core of what makes your event unique and memorable. There isn't enough special effects, sound, and lighting that will mask talent. Talent is at the center of our wedding and entertainment company. With the D&S staff at the helm, whether your event has 200 guests or 20,000, everyone leaves with smiles on their faces. That is what sets us apart.

  • Disc Jockey

  • Video Jockey

  • Lighting Designers

  • Dholi/Drummer

  • Live Percussionist/Bands

  • Dancers/Performers


The louder something is,  it doesn't necessarily mean it will sound better. Conversely, if your guests aren't able hear those special moments, the toast from the best man, the father of the bride sharing that warm story of his daughter; how memorable is that day?


Clarity is important.

Sound is important.  


Our professional sound techs make sure that your special event contains the clarity and volume that it demands by firstly providing you with professional commercial quality sound systems with constant monitoring throughout the duration of all your events.

We provide the following Sound Setups/Services

  • Extravagant Weddings

  • Mobile Barat Van /Groom Procession

  • Reception

  • Garba/Mehndi/Sangeet

  • Engagement

  • Sweet Sixteen

  • Graduation

  • And Much More


Like seasoning in our foods, lighting can deliver that extra punch, it can also provide that subtle ambience that accents your space. It has ability to completely transform or subtlety enhance any space. And just like food everyone has different tastes. Working with our light designers we find the perfect flavor to suit your special occasion.

  • LED-Uplights

  • Custom Monogram

  • Moving Heads

    • Profile/Spot​ Fixtures

    • Aerial Effects/Beam Fixtures

  • LED Pin-Spots

  • Wall Texture Lighting

  • Stage Washes


From simple slide shows created by family and friends to more heavily produced cinematic visuals created from your videographer. Having a display that can support these visuals is a requirement. 

Visual Services from D&S are available in different options. From our 4k, 65-inch LED TVs,  to LED Video walls, we have the perfect solution to make sure whatever media you have gets seen.

For larger venues, our LED video wall and high lumens projectors are ideal, for smaller more intimate affairs,our 4k, 65-inch LED TVs, will make certain that the media you want will get seen by your guests.

Our Visual services include the following options:

  • UHD LED 65" TVs

  • Theatre Grade Projectors w/ 8Ft Screens

  • LED Video Wall


    • 16:9

  • LED Video DJ Booth

  • Custom Digital Content Generation

  • Social Media Integration Options

Special FX

At D&S we aim to provide SOLUTIONS for our clients. If you've got an idea but you are not sure how to bring it to fruition, that's where we can help you thought it all. From planing it at the very beginning all the way to executing it perfectly. We can create CAD drawings to simulate or help you visualize what the final product may look like. We like to take your ideas and combine them with our knowledge and specialized equipment to give you a final product like no other. Our special Effect vary from Co2 jet blasts to instantly pump up the energy in the room to creating elegant pyro effects for your first dance (certified indoor safe products) to grand revealing systems.

Special FX include but not limited to :

  • CO2 Jet Blasts

  • Kabuki Power Drops

  • Low Laying Fog

  • First Dance Pyro FX

  • CO2 Gun

  • Timed Confetti Launchers