At D&S Event Solutions we provide state of the art sonic solutions for touring, corporate, social, and private events. Our experienced staff are motivated and focused technicians who strive to surpass your expectation. Analyzing potential problems and proactively taking preventative measures to make sure the experience is nothing sort of perfect is what we strive for.


We stock a wide range of audio products and are constantly updating our inventory with the latest in technology. We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in audio and you WILL hear the difference.

D&S Event Solutions offers a vast spectrum of lighting solutions and equipment to the special events and entertainment industries. Our design teams work closely with our clients to integrate their concepts into creative and innovative designs.


We maintain and extensive inventory of conventional, automated and LED fixtures as well as computer controllers, truss, rigging, power distribution and support equipment. Our lighting services can bring your event to a new level that will leave your clients as well as your employees alike speechless.


At D&S Event Solutions we firmly believe and experience is incomplete when visuals don’t meet or exceed the standards set by the acoustics. We provide high-end video equipment and services in combinations with highly skilled and experienced staff of directors, engineers and operators. 


We specialize in both creative content delivery systems and conventional systems. Our innovative approach to video maximizes impact and delivers your message unlike anything else.